Linked Open Earth Observation Data: The LEO Project
Manolis Koubarakis
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In the Image Information Mining Conference: The Sentinels Era (ESA-EUSC-JRC 2014). Bucharest, Romania, 5-7 March
Conference Article
Lots of Earth Observation data has become available at no charge in Europe and the US recently and there is a strong
push for more open EO data. Open EO data that are currently made available by space agencies are not following the linked data paradigm. Therefore, from the perspective of a user, the EO data and other kinds of geospatial data necessary to satisfy his or her information need can only be found in different data silos, where each silo may contain only part of the needed data. Opening up these silos by publishing their contents as RDF and interlinking them with semantic connections will allow the development of data analytics applications with great environmental and financial value. This is the goal of the new European project LEO which we introduce in this paper.
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