Querying Linked Geospatial Data with Incomplete Information
C. Nikolaou
M. Koubarakis
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In the 5th International Terra Cognita Workshop 2012 - Foundations, Technologies and Applications of the Geospatial Web. In conjunction with the 11th International Semantic Web Conference. Boston, USA. November 11-15
Conference Article
Linked geospatial data has recently received attention, as researchers and practitioners have started tapping the wealth of geospatial information available on the Web. Incomplete geospatial information, although appearing often in the applications captured by such datasets, is not represented and queried properly due to the lack of appropriate data models and query languages. We discuss our recent work on the model RDFi, an extension of RDF with the ability to represent property values that exist, but are unknown or partially known, using constraints, and an extension of the query language SPARQL with qualitative and quantitative geospatial querying capabilities. We demonstrate the usefulness of RDFi in geospatial Semantic Web applications by giving examples and comparing the modeling capabilities of RDFi with the ones of related Semantic Web systems.
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