Modern Database Systems: Modernized Classic Systems, NewSQL and NoSQL

Dr. C. Mohan

Date: 24/03/2014
University: IBM Almaden Research Center
Room : A56
Time: 15:00

The last many years have seen the emergence of a new class of database systems which I am calling Modern Database Systems (MDS). They are classified broadly as NoSQL and NewSQL systems. Apart from the development of such systems, traditional DBMS vendors have also extended their decades old systems like DB2, Informix, Oracle and SQL Server with major architectural enhancements that address modern requirements and take advantage of hardware (processor, memory and storage) advances.

This talk will do a broad brush analysis of MDS. It is targeted at a broad set of database systems and applications people. It is intended to let the audience better appreciate what is really behind the covers of many of these systems, going beyond the hype associated with these open source, commercial and research systems. The capabilities and limitations of such systems will be addressed. Some application case studies will also be presented. 

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