One Trillion Edges: Graph Processing at Facebook-Scale

Dionysios Logothetis

Date: 01/10/2015
University: Facebook
Room : A56
Time: 15:00

Analyzing large graphs provides valuable insights for social networking and web companies in content ranking and recommendations. While numerous graph processing systems have been developed and evaluated on available benchmark graphs of up to 6.6B edges, they often face significant difficulties in scaling to much larger graphs. Industry graphs can be two orders of magnitude larger - hundreds of billions or up to one trillion edges. In addition to scalability challenges, real world applications often require much more complex graph processing workflows than previously evaluated. In this talk, I will describe the usability, performance, and scalability improvements we made to Apache Giraph, an open-source graph processing system, in order to use it on Facebook-scale graphs of up to one trillion edges. I will also describe extensions to the original Pregel model that make it possible to develop a broader range of production graph applications and workflows as well as improve code reuse. Finally, I will report on real-world operations as well as performance characteristics of several large-scale production applications.

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