DIAS - Digital Upper Atmosphere Server
Project website:  DIAS 
Principal Investigator: Michael Hatzopoulos
Duration: 01/03/2004 - 28/02/2006

The goal of DIAS is to develop a pan-European digital data collection on the state of the upper atmosphere, based on the existing five different historical data collections and on the real-time information provided by all five operating European digital ionospheric stations (digisondes) that belong to public sector institutes.

The DIAS consortium will develop all necessary actions for the efficient promotion of this collection through new added value products, to the world market.

Currently, the existing digital European stations operate independently, failing to address the increased demands for a unified collection of historical and real time upper-atmosphere data, especially nowcast and forecast services for all Europe.

DIAS will overcome this problem by operating a server similar to those that already exist in the US and Australia.


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