DRIVER II - Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research.
Project website:  DRIVER II 
Principal Investigator: Michael Hatzopoulos
Duration: 01/12/2007 - 30/11/2009

DRIVER has established a network of relevant experts and Open Access repositories. DRIVER-II will consolidate these efforts and transform the initial testbed into a fully functional, state-of-the art service, extending the network to a larger confederation of repositories. DRIVER is integral to the suite of electronic infrastructures that have emerged in the worldwide GÉANT network and is hence funded under the e-Infrastructures call of the European Commission's 7th framework programme. It aims to “… optimise the way the e-Infrastructure is used to store knowledge, add value to primary research data and information making secondary research more effective, provide a valuable asset for industry, and help bridging research and education.”

The objectives of DRIVER-II, the second phase of the project, include efforts to expand, enrich, and strengthen the results of DRIVER, in the following areas:

  • strategic geographic and communtiy expansion by means of the DRIVER confederation
  • establish a robust, scalable repository infrastructure accompanied by an open source software package D-Net
  • broader coverage of content through the use of enhanced publications
  • advanced end-user functionality to support scientific exploration of complex digital objects
  • larger outreach and advocacy programmes
  • continued repository support
  • guidelines for interoperability in the larger European digital library community
  • Open Access to European research materials

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