A Labanotation Based Ontology for Representing Dance Movement
Katerina El Raheb
Yannis Ioannidis
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9th Int’l Gesture Workshop, Athens, Greece, May 2011
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Gesture and Sign Language in Human-Computer Interaction and Embodied Communication Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7206
Conference Article

In this paper, we present a Knowledge Based System for describing and storing dances that takes advantage of the expressivity of Description Logics. We propose exploiting the tools of the Semantic Web Technologies in representing and archiving dance choreographies by building a Dance Ontology in OWL-2. Description Logics allow us to express complex relations and inference rules for the domain of dance movement, while Reasoning capabilities make it easy to extract new knowledge from existing knowledge. Furthermore, we can search within the ontology based on the steps and movements of dances by writing SPARQL queries. The building elements of the ontology and their relationships to construct the dance model are based on the semantics of the Labanotation system, a widely used language that uses symbols to denote dance choreographies.

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