OntoPIM: How to Rely on a Personal Ontology for Personal Information Management
Akrivi Katifori
Antonella Poggi
Monica Scannapieco
Tiziana Catarci
Yannis Ioannidis
Date published: 
Published In: 
ISWC Workshop on Semantic Desktop, Galway, Ireland, June 2005, pp. 78-81
Conference Article

Personal Information Management (PIM) aims to support users in the collection, storage and retrieval of their personal information. In such a framework the focus is mainly on how better to handle the information collected. Task Information Management (TIM) on the other hand adopts a more usercentric view and aims to support users in performing their tasks. Possible ways of achieving this are to automatically find data users need in order to perform a task, to automate the execution of tasks and the synthesis of new more abstract tasks by identifying tasks users carry out often. PIM and TIM can be seen as complimentary since an efficient organization of personal information can help in the discovery of data relevant to a task. To this end, it is necessary to adopt a holistic approach in the design and implementation of a Task Information Management System.

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