Omiros Metaxas
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Innovative and creative thinker dedicated to translating research results into effective solutions, addressing complex society and business requirements.

I hold BSc-Hons (GPA 8.52/10) and MSc (GPA 9.1/10) degrees in Informatics & Telecommunications from the University of Athens, as well as, a PgD in Financial Management from the Athens University of Economics and Business (GPA 9.44/10). Currently, I am a PhD student at the University of Athens under the supervision of professor Yannis Ioannidis.

My research interest include Big Data Analytics & Knowledge Discovery (KDD) based on advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms mainly targeting text-augmented citation/social network analysis and biomedical data analysis. Additionally, I work on distributed data processing, privacy preserving data mining, decentralization (blockchain) infrastructures and real time (algorithmic) trading systems.

As a Senior Researcher at MADgIK Group I have been involved in several E.U. funded projects including Health-e-Child, OpenAIRE, MD-Paedigree, Human Brain Project & MyHealthMyData. Additionally, as a European Commission Research & Innovation Expert I had the opportunity to review several international contracts / proposals and actively participate in several research and policy making groups & committees.

In parallel, I have more than 15 years work experience holding key positions in leading software development companies targeting Financial and Trading Information Systems, as well as, Healthcare Information and Management Systems.

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