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Personalization is the approach of providing an overall customized, individualized user experience by taking into account the needs, preferences and particular characteristics of a user as individual or as a member of group of users.

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Digital Libraries

A digital library is a vast collection of objects stored and maintained by multiple information sources, including databases, image banks, file systems, e-mail systems, the WWW, and others. Therefore, assembling information of interest on a specific topic involves searching for relevant information items among different sources.

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Query Optimization

Query optimization is a function of many relational database management systems in which multiple query plans for satisfying a query are examined and a good query plan is identified. This may or not be the absolute best strategy because there are many ways of doing plans. There is a trade off between the amount of time spent figuring out the best plan and the amount running the plan.

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OLAP and Data Mining

We are working on pure relational methods for efficient construction, administration, and use of data cubes in Data Warehouses.

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