Katerina El Raheb
Email: kelraheb[at]di.uoa.gr
Mailing Address: 
Phone: 210 7275188

Katerina is a PhD Candidate under the supervision of Prof. Y. Ioannidis on “Semantic Representation Analysis and Search for Dance” and assists in teaching “Human Computer Interaction” at the Department of Informatics and Telecom, University of Athens. Her research interest is focused on adopting dance analysis techniques, e.g., Labanotation in modelling and implementing knowledge base and information systems for dance. She joined the Athena Research team since 2009, and worked for several EU-funded projects related to Digital Libraries, Data Research Infrastructures, and ICT for Cultural Heritage (DL.org, e.nventory, eCultValue). She has experience in working with multinational company as Information System consultant. She holds MSc. in Advanced Information Systems from the University of Athens, a BSc. in Ch. Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. In parallel she has practical experience in different forms of dance and holds a Diploma from N. Kontaxaki Higher Professional Dance School. She is member of the program committee of MOCO2014, MOCO2015 (International Conference on Movement and Computing)and ISEA2015 (International Symposium on Electronic Art).

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