Our weekly research seminar has as a main goal, the presentation of research and technology work in progress both inside and outside of our team. Topics will be somehow related to the mission of our Lab. The format of the presentations encourages the active participation of our audience and as such, other dimensions of the topics could be explored. The seminar is open and everyone may attend. We also encourage your participation through presentation of your own work; completed or work in progress, ideas, technologies, applications, etc.

Presentations will take place in room A56 every Friday at 4:00pm (unless indicated otherwise) and will be recorded (subject to the preventer's consent).

A list of earlier seminar talks can be found here.

Fall 2017-2018

Georgios Portokalidis, Department of Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, "Improving Systems Security through Attack Surface Reduction and Execution Transparency "22/11/2017, 15:00

Spring 2016-2017

Leonidas Guibas, Stanford University, "Object-Centric Machine Learning"05/05/2017, 12:30

Χειμερινό εξάμηνο 2016-2017

Κώστας Χατζηκοκολάκης, Ecole Polytechnique of Paris, "Geo-Indistinguishability: Differential Privacy for Location-Based Systems "03/02/2017, 15:00

Fall 2016-2017

Niki Vazou, University of California, San Diego , "LiquidHaskell: Liquid Types for Haskell "16/12/2016, 15:00
Ιωάννης Ιωαννίδης, Πανεπιστήμιο Stanford, "Προσεχώς: μια Ελλάδα χωρίς επιστήμονες;"23/11/2016, 11:00

Spring 2015-2016

Νίκος Μαραβίτσας, ΕΚΠΑ, "Χρήση Ελαστικής Υποδομής για Σύζευξή Δεδομένων Ροών"14/07/2016, 14:00
Yannis Smaragdakis, UoA, "Declarative Static Program Analysis with the Doop Framework"15/04/2016, 15:00

Fall 2015-2016

Άννα Γόγολου, ΕΚΠΑ, "Εξερεύνηση και Καθαρισμός Δεδομένων σε Βιοϊατρικές Βάσεις"24/02/2016, 12:00
Nikos Bikakis, NTUA, "Visual exploration in the Web of Large Data"15/01/2016, 14:00
Constantinos Daskalakis, MIT, "Algorithmic Game Theory and Learning"12/01/2016, 14:00
Nicos Pavlidis, Lancaster University, "Optimal Hyperplanes for Data Bi-partitioning"18/12/2015, 12:00
Panagiotis Papapetrou, Stockholm University, "Time series classification using forests of randomized shapelet trees"18/12/2015, 13:00
Dionysios Logothetis, Facebook, "One Trillion Edges: Graph Processing at Facebook-Scale"01/10/2015, 15:00

Spring 2014-2015

Themis Palpanas, Α56, "Milking the Streams"23/06/2015, 15:00
Stratos Idreos, Harvard University , "Curious and self-designing systems: Towards easy to use data systems tailored for exploration"22/06/2015, 15:00
Νίκος Παπαηλιού, ΕΜΠ, "Προσαρμοστική, βασισμένη στα εκτελούμενα ερωτήματα κρυφή μνήμη για SPARQL υπογράφους (Graph-Aware, Workload-Adaptive SPARQL Query Caching)"03/04/2015, 15:00
Azza Abouzied, New York University - Abu Dhabi, "Synthesizing data extraction scripts from user examples"20/03/2015, 15:00-16:00
Α. Χαραλαμπίδης και Σ. Κωνσταντόπουλος, ΕΚΕΦΕ Δημόκριτος, "SemaGrow Stack: σύστημα βελτιστοποίησης ερωτημάτων σε κατανεμημένα και ετερογενή δεδομένα."05/03/2015, 10:00 π.μ.
John Liagouris, ATHENA RIC, "An Effective Encoding Scheme for Spatial RDF Data"19/02/2015, 12:00

Fall 2014-2015

Peter Revesz, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, "Data mining of spatio-temporal objects"01/12/2014, 13:30

Spring 2013-2014

Shin'ichi Konomi, Center for Spatial Information Science, the University of Tokyo, "Supporting Smart Citizen Participation "01/07/2014, 15:30
Omiros Metaxas, University of Athens, "Έξυπνη Πιθανοτική Μοντελοποίηση Δικτύων Ετερογενών Πληροφοριών και Κειμένων"11/04/2014, 13:30
Dr. C. Mohan, IBM Almaden Research Center, "Modern Database Systems: Modernized Classic Systems, NewSQL and NoSQL"24/03/2014, 15:00
Alfredo Cuzzocrea, ICAR-CNR and University of Calabria, Italy, "OLAPing Uncertain Multidimensional Data Streams"24/03/2014, 11:00
Björn Þór Jónsson, Computer Science at Reykjavík University, Reykjavík, Iceland, "Scalability of High-Dimensional Indexing"19/03/2014, 10:30-11:30

Fall 2013-2014

Kostis Kyzirakos, UoA, "Representation and Querying of Linked Geospatial Data"18/02/2014, 12:00
Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki, EPFL, "Discovering the Brain through Big Data Exploration "31/01/2014, 15:30 (coffee 15:00)
Herald Kllapi, University of Athens, "Near Neighbor Join"17/01/2014, 15:30 (coffee 15:00)

Spring 2012-2013

Prof. Minos Garofalakis, Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, "Querying Big, Dynamic, Distributed Data"18/07/2013, 16:00
Anthony Stefanidis, Dept. of Geography and Geoinformation Science, George Mason University, "Extracting Geospatial Information from Social Media Feeds"17/07/2013, 12:00
Kostas Tsioutsiouliklis, Twitter, "Graphs and trends on Twitter"02/07/2013, 12:00
Leonidas J. Guibas, Stanford University, "The Functoriality of Data -- Understanding Geometric Data Sets Jointly"27/06/2013, 12:00
Iris Miliaraki, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik , "Mind the Gap: Large-Scale Frequent Sequence Mining "07/06/2013, 16:00 (καφές 15:30)
Konstantina Bereta, University of Athens, "Storing and Querying the Valid Time of Triples in Linked Geospatial Data"17/05/2013, 16:00 (καφές 15:30)
Dimitris Bilidas, University of Athens, "Distributed Query Processing on the Cloud: the Optique Point of View "17/05/2013, 16:30
Herald Kllapi, University of Athens, "Elastic Data Processing Flows on the Cloud (PhD Proposal)"19/04/2013, 18:00
Prof. Sally McClean, School of Computing and Information Engineering, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, "Smart Healthcare"16/04/2013, 16:00 (coffee 15:30)
Prof. Zhiwei FENG, Institute of Applied Linguistics, Hangzhou Normal University, China, "Corpus Research in China: A bird’s–eye view of corpus linguistics in China"01/04/2013, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Irini Fundulaki, Institute of Computer Science - FORTH, "Introducing Linked Data"29/03/2013, 11:00am (coffee: 10:30)

Fall 2012-2013

Orestis Polychroniou, Columbia University, "Query Acceleration using Complex CPU Features"11/01/2013, 2:00pm (coffee: 1:30)
Prof. Andrew McGregor, Univ. of Massachusetts, "Graph Sketching and Data Streams"09/01/2013, 1:00pm (coffee: 12:30)
Marianthi Grizioti, Univ. of Athens, "Digital Magnetic Poetry: Ένα διαδραστικό παιχνίδι αναγνώρισης κίνησης και χειρονομιών"14/12/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Katerina El Raheb, Univ. of Athens, "Semantic Representation, Analysis and Search for Dance"30/11/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)

Spring 2011-2012

Roxana Geambasu, Columbia University, "Regaining Control Over Cloud and Mobile Data"22/06/2012, 2:00pm (coffee: 1:30)
Leonidas Fegaras, University of Texas at Arlington, "An Optimization Framework for Map-Reduce Queries"15/06/2012, 11:00am (coffee: 10:30)
Panagiotis Papapetrou, Aalto University, Finland, "Influence attribution in citation networks"05/06/2012, 11:00am (coffee: 10:30)
Maria-Esther Vidal, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela, "Challenges for Efficient Query Processing in the Semantic Web"01/06/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
A. Kontos, Marathon Data Systems, "Features and applications of Geographic Information Systems ArcGIS"18/05/2012, 16:00 (καφές 15:30)
Giorgos Tylissanakis, Univ. of Athens, "Nonintrusive collection and management of data provenance in scientific workflows"11/05/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Yannis Avrithis, National Technical University of Athens, "Image matching and visual search: local features and geometry"27/04/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Prof. Sally McClean, School of Computing and Information Engineering, Univ. of Ulster, Northern Ireland, "SUAAVE (Sensing, Unmanned, Autonomous Aerial VEhicles)"25/04/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Nikolaos Papailiou, Computing Systems Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens (cslab.ntua), "H2RDF: Adaptive, Join-Scalable Querying of RDF Data in the Cloud"06/04/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Nikos Bogdos, Univ. of Athens, "FLogA (Fire Logic Animation) - Εργαλείο ρεαλιστικής προσομοίωσης για τη πρόβλεψη και οπτικοποίηση της εξάπλωσης δασικών πυρκαγιών"30/03/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Alexander Artikis, NCSR Demokritos, "A Calculus for Practical Reasoning"16/03/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Stathes Hadjiefthymiades, Univ. of Athens, "Delay Tolerant Delivery of Quality Information in Ad-hoc Networks"09/03/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Dimitris Galanis, Dept. of Informatics, Athens University of Economics and Business, "Automatic text summarization"02/03/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)

Fall 2011-2012

Manolis Giannoudakis, Athens Univ. of Economics and Business, "Database Design: Past, Present and Future"10/02/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Marinos Kavouras, Cartography Laboratory, Ontogeo Research Group, Nat. Tech. Univ. of Athens, "Semantics, Ontologies and Interoperability in Geographic Information Science"03/02/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Ioannis Vetsikas, Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, NCSR Demokritos, "Designing Intelligent Agents For Real-World Auctions"27/01/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Dr. Emmanuel Müller, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, "Contrast Analysis in High Dimensional Databases - Detection and Description of Subspace Outliers"27/01/2012, 5:00pm
*Postponed* Michalis Vazirgiannis, Dept of Informatics, Athens Univ. of Economics & Business, "Degeneracy based community evaluation"20/01/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Marialena Kyriakidi, Univ. of Athens, "A unified approach of trust networks algorithms under a path algebra framework"20/01/2012, 4:00pm (after the Pita Cutting at 3pm)
Avrilia Floratou, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Column-Oriented Storage Techniques for MapReduce"13/01/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Danai Koutra, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University, "Unifying Guilt-by-Association Approaches: Theorems and Fast Algorithms"12/01/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Themis Palpanas, Univ. of Trento, Italy, "Indexing and Mining Scientific Data: Beyond One Billion Data Series"10/01/2012, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
George Valkanas, Uni. of Athens, "SNEE-A: A Sensor Network Query Engine for In Network Data Analysis"16/12/2011, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)
Giorgos Stoilos, University of Oxford, "Evaluating Semantic Web Query Answering Systems"09/12/2011, 4:00pm (coffee: 3:30)

Spring 2010-2011

Iris Miliaraki, Univ. of Athens, "Κατανεμημένη Διήθηση Και Διάχυση XML Δεδομένων σε Συστήματα Ομοτίμων Κόμβων"21/07/2011, 2:00pm
Zoi Kaoudi, Univ. of Athens, "Κατανεμημένη Αποτίμηση Επερωτήσεων και Συλλογιστική Για Το Μοντέλο RDF σε Δίκτυα Ομότιμων Κόμβων"21/07/2011, 3:30pm
Κατερίνα Παπαντωνίου, Univ. of Athens, "Εφαρμογές και Τεχνολογίες του Σημασιολογικού Ιστού στα Συστήματα Ερωταποκρίσεων"01/07/2011, 3:00pm
Δημήτρης Μπηλίδας, Univ. of Athens, "Σημασιολογία της Γλώσσας Ενημερώσεων RUL"01/07/2011, 3:30pm
Huseyin Akcan, Izmir University of Economics, "GPS-Free Localization in Wireless Networks"27/06/2011, 4:00pm
Panagiotis Liakos, Univ. of Athens, "Θεματικά Εστιασμένη Προσκομιδή Ιστοσελίδων από τον Κρυμμένο Παγκόσμιο Ιστό "03/06/2011, 3:00pm
Herald Kllapi, Univ. of Athens, "Schedule Optimization for Data Processing Flows on the Cloud"27/05/2011, 4:00pm
Manolis Yiannakis - Panos Papadatos, Univ. of Athens, "Το Διαδικτυακό Eκπαιδευτικό Παιχνίδι Επαυξημένης Πραγματικότητας ARcropolis"27/05/2011, 4:30pm
Kostas Saidis, Univ. of Athens, "Ιδεατοί Χώροι Πληροφορίας: Επέκταση και Ενοποίηση Ετερογενών Συλλογών Δεδομένων και Συναφών Συστημάτων"23/05/2011, 10:00am
Olivier Ballet, DXT - Toulouze, "Inscape: An Authoring and Experiencing Environment for Virtual Storytelling"20/05/2011, 4:00pm
Charalampos Nikolaou, Univ. of Athens, "Search with keywords in RDF Databases"15/04/2011, 4:00pm
Manolis Karpathiotakis, Univ. of Athens, "Design and Implementation of a registry for Semantic Sensor Web"15/04/2011, 4:00pm
Konstantinos Tsakalozos, Univ. of Athens, "Flexible Use of Cloud Resources through Profit Maximization and Price Discrimination"08/04/2011, 4:00pm
Alan Dix, U. Lancaster and Talis, "Web of Data, Web of People, Web of Action"08/04/2011, 4:00pm
Dimitrios Tsoumakos, Nat. Tech. Univ. of Athens, "On the Elasticity of NoSQL Databases over Cloud Management Platforms"01/04/2011, 4:00pm
MaDgIK Faculty members, Univ. of Athens, "Meet the MaDgIK Faculty"18/03/2011, 4:00pm
Evita Mailli, Univ. of Athens, "Creating websites with the Drupal System"25/02/2011, 3:00pm
Dimitrios Pierrakos, Uni. of Athens and NCSR Demokritos, "A Web Usage Mining Framework for Web Directory Personalization"21/02/2011, 10:00am

Spring 2009-2010

Eva Sitaridi, Univ. of Athens, "Χρονοπρογραμματισμός στο Νέφος"30/07/2010, 3:00pm
Manolis Platakis, Univ. of Athens, "Διαδικτυακό Εργαλείο για την Εξερεύνηση Οντολογιών"30/07/2010, 3:30pm
Δρ. Δημήτρης Ζεϊναλιπούρ, Univ. of Cyprus, "Ranking Query Results in a Networked World"23/07/2010, 3:00pm
Vaggelis Christidis, Florida International University, "Information Discovery on Vertical Domains"22/07/2010, 3:00pm
Dr. Jaakko Hollmen, Aalto University, "Mixture modeling of DNA copy number aberrations"30/06/2010, 3:00pm
Panagiotis Karras, National Uni. of Singapore, "ρ-uncertainty: Inference-Proof Transaction Anonymization"25/06/2010, 3:00μμ
Christos Papadimitriou, University of California - Berkeley, "Ο Αλγοριθμικός Φακός: Πώς η Υπολογιστική Σκέψη Αλλάζει τις Επιστήμες"24/06/2010, 1:00pm
Επικ. Καθ. Νίκος Χαρδαβέλλας, Northwestern University, "Elastic Caches"16/06/2010, 1:00pm
Yannis Theodoridis, Univ. of Piraeus, "From Mobility Data Management to Location-based Services"14/05/2010, 3:00pm
Prof. Sergios Theodoridis, Univ. of Athens, "Support Vector Machines: A Geometric Point of View"07/05/2010, 3:00am
Kostas Saidis, Univ. of Athens, "DOLAR: Virtualizing Information Spaces to Support Information Expansion"30/04/2010, 3:00am
Konstantinos Tsakalozos, Univ. of Athens, "Nefeli: Hint-based Execution of Workloads in Clouds"12/03/2010, 3:00am
Manolis Koubarakis, Univ. of Athens, "Linear Constraint Databases for the Semantic Web: The Model stRDF and the Query Language stSPARQL"26/02/2010, 3:00am
Prof. Alessandro Verri, Univ. of Genova, "Regularization Algorithms for Learning"19/02/2010, 3:00am

Fall 2009-2010

Dr. Dimitris Gkizopoulos, Univ. of Piraeus, "Χρονοπρογραμματισμός σε Πολυπύρηνες και Πολυνηματικές Αρχιτεκτονικές Επεξεργαστών"05/02/2010, 3:00pm

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