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The Management of Data, Information, and Knowledge Group (MaDgIK) spans two major institutes of the Greek research landscape. The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Informatics & Telecommunications and Athena Research and Innovation Center. It consists of more than 100 members, including academic staff, researchers, software engineers and students at all educational stages.

The group covers a wide range of research areas of the Data-Info-Knowledge continuum, including Database and Information Systems, Distributed and Peer-to-Peer Systems, Cloud Computing, Sensor-based and Stream Data Management, Query Optimization, Information Search, Personalization and Social Networks, Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Semantic Web and Linked Data, Semantic Sensor Web, Digital Libraries, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Since its establishment, it consistently participates in national and European projects related to the aforementioned areas. Much of the research is done in the context of and inspired by problems in several application areas, such as Medical Informatics, Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies, Agriculture, Earth Sciences, Marine Science, Environment, History, and others.

The group is a strong supporter of activities around Open Science and is among the very early evangelists of the Open Access movement, a role which is widely acknowledged in Europe and around the Globe.