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On the Elasticity of NoSQL Databases over Cloud Management Platforms


Dimitrios Tsoumakos


University:Nat. Tech. Univ. of Athens

Room :A56


Abstract:NoSQL databases focus on analytical processing of large scale datasets, offering increased scalability over commodity hardware. One of their strongest features is elasticity, which allows for fairly portioned premiums and high-quality performance. Yet, the process of adaptive expansion and contraction of resources usually involves a lot of manual effort during cluster configuration. To date, there exists no comparative study to quantify this cost and measure the efficacy of NoSQL engines that offer this feature. In this work, we perform a thorough study of the elasticity feature on some popular NoSQL databases over an open-source cloud computing platform. We also present a prototype implementation of a decision making system that enables automatic elastic operations of any NoSQL engine based on administrator or application-specified constraints.

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