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GPS-Free Localization in Wireless Networks

Speaker:Huseyin Akcan


University:Izmir University of Economics

Room :A56


Abstract:Location based systems focus on finding the locations of items, cars, data, or people, and have been gaining a lot of interest in the research community lately. The problem is widely known as the localization problem in the wireless network community. Accurate discovery of the real-time locations of objects is the key element to the success of many applications ranging from tracking, surveillance, search-and-rescue missions to traffic control, collision avoidance, and smart cars. Traditionally, position information has been gathered using global positioning systems (GPS). However, these systems in general suffer from two major drawbacks, they cannot be used indoors, and if the nodes are in a small area, such as in a room, GPS based localization schemes do not provide enough accuracy. The limitations of the global positioning systems has led the research community to start looking into GPS-free localization methods. A good alternative for localization that uses only local resources is the ranging based localization algorithms, where nodes only use neighborhood graph and the ranges to their immediate one-hop neighbors to perform localization. In this talk, we will briefly outline the idea behind localization, its limitations, and the theoretical foundations of the network localization in the rigidity theory. We will also survey some of the state of the art GPS-free localization algorithms for static and mobile networks.

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