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From Mobility Data Management to Location-based Services

Speaker: Yannis Theodoridis

Date: 14/05/2010

University: Univ. of Piraeus

Room : A56

Time: 3:00pm

Abstract: A flood of data pertinent to moving objects is available today, particularly due to the automated collection of location data from mobile phones and other location-aware devices. Such wealth of data, referenced both in space and time, may enable novel classes of applications and services of high societal and economic impact, provided that the discovery of concise knowledge out of these raw datasets is made possible. Recent research activities have developed theory, techniques, and systems for Moving Object Database (MOD) management as well as services that take advance of this data, the so-called Location-based Services (LBS). In this talk, we will present methods and techniques for efficient management, analysis, and mining of mobility data, also taking privacy aspects into consideration.

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