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Smart Healthcare

Speaker:Prof. Sally McClean


University:School of Computing and Information Engineering, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland

Room :A3 (1st floor)

Time:16:00 (coffee 15:30)



Intelligent management of patients and resources in healthcare facilities and community care is essential for coping with the growing requirements of aging populations, alongside expanding costs. In particular, stroke disease places a heavy burden on society, incurring long periods of both hospital and community care. Intelligent models of the whole care system can be used to predict future requirements and develop efficient control strategies. Also, the use of sensor technology with older patients is fast becoming a useful approach for intelligent management of patients in their own homes or the wider environment. We describe some work that learns activities of daily living in a smart environment and provides prompts and other support for the patient.  In addition we describe the development of a Technology Adoption & Usage Tool (TAUT) where various Machine Learning and Statistical Classification Algorithms are evaluated and compared over a number of algorithms and various criteria.

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