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Supporting Smart Citizen Participation

Speaker:Shin'ichi Konomi


University:Center for Spatial Information Science, the University of Tokyo

Room :A56



Pervasive digital technologies such as smartphones and networked sensors are making it easy for citizens to participate in community-relevant data collection and problem-solving activities. Although devices and network infrastructures are becoming easier to use and less expensive, it remains difficult for citizens to participate in the right activities in the right context. In this talk, I will discuss three different approaches to support the processes of creating and finding participatory tasks. Firstly, a meta-design approach is introduced to support co-creation of participatory tasks, thereby leveraging the local knowledge of citizens to embed right opportunities of participation in the right context. Secondly, a data-centric context-derivation approach is introduced to seed and enrich the context of participation using various data sources. Finally, a human-in-the-loop recommender approach is introduced to recommend participatory tasks in context, thereby supporting citizens to participate smartly in the right activities. Arguably, smart participation will create a richer ecology of participation and open up a new horizon for the participatory design of the spaces we live in. 

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