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Catalogue of Research Infrastructure Services

CatRIS is an open, trusted and user-friendly portal to a harmonised and aggregated catalogue of services and resources provided by Research Infrastructures (RI) and Core Facilities (CF) across Europe. It is a bottom-up initiative that is meant to be populated and run by RI and CF service providers at European, national, regional and institutional levels. CatRIS will be complementary to and interoperable with the EOSC catalogue. 

For a need of consolidated information about RI services in Europe & structuring the available RI information, catRIS brings solutions: 

- Central interoperable portal of RI services 

- Interconnection of multiple databases

- Enhanced RI accessibility, usage and impact

- A network of networks around the various RI communities

- Option to compare RI services offered by different providers

- Fostering of European and international collaborations

- Towards a marketplace of RI services 


The active engagement of the whole RI community at all levels (European, national, regional and local/institutional) is critical for the success of CatRIS.

CatRIS started on January 2019 and it is being developed by an international consortium led by ESF and funded under the H2020 Programme.

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