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Strabon: A Semantic Geospatial DBMS

We present Strabon, a new RDF store that supports the state of the art semantic geospatial query languages stSPARQL and GeoSPARQL. To illustrate the expressive power o ered by these query languages and their implementation in Strabon, we concentrate on the new version of the data model stRDF and the query language stSPARQL that we have developed ourselves. Like GeoSPARQL, these new versions use OGC standards to represent geometries where the original versions used linear constraints.We study the performance of Strabon experimentally and show that it scales to very large data volumes and performs, most of the times, better than all other geospatial RDF stores it has been compared with.
K. Kyzirakos, M. Karpathiotakis, M. Koubarakis, "Strabon: A Semantic Geospatial DBMS ", In the 11th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2012). Boston, USA. November 11-15, 2012
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In the 11th International Semantic Web Conference. Boston, USA. November 11-15
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