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Open Science & Research Infrastructures

Open Science is the new paradigm of scientific conduct that utilizes technological advancements in ICT and networks to rationalize / democratize access, sharing and reuse of scientific information and resources. Open Science poses a major shift in the way the scientific process has being performed across all stages of the research lifecycle, from the conceptualization of an idea, the collection and analysis of scientific results, the sharing, validation and assessment of the scientific outputs. Today, Open science is an integral part of the European Research Area and the Digital Single Market supported by their policy frameworks and implemented through the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

OpenAIRE - - is a core initiative of Open Science, a pillar pan European infrastructure for Open Science Scholarly Communication in EOSC, established under Greek Law and coordinated by ATHENA Research Center. OpenAIRE has been a participatory initiative from its onset. It is composed of technical organizations that collectively realize the open infrastructure and services for open science scholarly communication of OpenAIRE as well as of academic and research support structures across Europe that build a shared knowledge base for Open Science policies implementation. Through this strong infrastructure and network of experts, OpenAIRE successfully serves the long tail of Open and FAIR science while allowing for big data analytics on R&D / R&I to be made possible.

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