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Curious and self-designing systems: Towards easy to use data systems tailored for exploration

Speaker:Stratos Idreos


University:Harvard University

Room :Α56



How far away are we from a future where a data management system sits in the critical path of everything we do? Already today we need to go through a data system in order to do several basic tasks, e.g., to pay at the grocery store, to book a flight, to find out where our friends are and even to get coffee. Businesses and sciences are increasingly recognizing the value of storing and analyzing vast amounts of data.

Other than the expected path towards an exploding number of data-driven businesses and scientific scenarios in the next few years, in this talk we also envision a future where data becomes readily available and its power can be harnessed by everyone. What both scenarios have in common is a need for new kinds of data systems which are tailored for data exploration, which are easy to use, and which can quickly absorb and adjust to new data and access patterns on-the-fly. We will discuss this vision and some of our recent efforts towards self-designing systems as well as "curious" systems tailored for automated exploration.

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