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HBP Innovation Award to Yannis Ioannidis for Medical Informatics Platform

The HBP 2023 Innovation Awards presented during the final Human Brain Project Summit in Marseille (28-31 March 2023), honoured science to help patients.   

Prof. Yannis Ioannidis, and Prof. Philippe Ryvlin and their teams won one of the two HBP Innovation Awards, for their work on the “Medical Informatics Platform”, while Prof. Pieter Roelfsema and his team won a HBP Innovation Award for their work on “The Brain Prosthesis for the Blind”. The innovation evaluation committee emphasised: “The innovations we selected all had high societal impact, and this impact could not have come about if the work was not of very high quality.”   

Prof. Yannis Ioannidis, University of Athens - Athena "RC", and Prof. Philippe Ryvlin, University of Lausanne and their teams won the awards for developing the Medical Informatics Platform (MIP), capable of providing advanced analytics for diagnosis and research in clinical neuroscience. Embedded into EBRAINS, this open-source and free-of-use software allows sharing of health datasets and is distributed across hospitals and institutions in different countries. It aims to better understand brain disease, develop novel biomarkers and predictive models of brain disease useful for clinical practice, and thereby have a direct impact on patient management.

In their acceptance speech, Ioannidis said: “Whereas others in the field may work more in isolation, developing the MIP could only have come about with the interdisciplinary and collaborative approach made possible by the HBP.”

The ten-year European Flagship Human Brain Project (HBP) links brain research with computing and technology in a large-scale, interdisciplinary approach. During the final HBP Summit, researchers presented the abundant scientific achievements of the project and the legacy that it will leave for the research community. One of the lasting contributions of the project is the research infrastructure EBRAINS, which provides open access to advanced technologies, tools, data and services for brain research and will remain available to the scientific community beyond 2023. During the four-day summit, scientists from all over Europe demonstrated how EBRAINS has already advanced their research.    

Read the official announcement in full, here