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Yannis Ioannidis' keynote speech at CNCC 2023, Shenyang (China)

Yannis Ioannidis, ACM President, delivered a keynote talk at CNCC 2023, China National Computer Congress, in Shenyang (China) on the 27th of October, 2023. 

Title: "Database Systems: Current Technology Challenges and Future Research Opportunities"  


Database Systems have existed for six decades and have had significant impact on how private and public organizations manage their data in the context of industrial, societal, and scientific activities. The relational model and the SQL language are the global standards for accessing databases and have served as the foundations for advancing the field through the years, creating a multi-billion industry around the world. With the current advances in several other technological areas, notably, new general and specialized hardware, high-performance and high-throughput (cloud) computing, and machine learning and AI, database technology is in front of yet another revolution of its own, addressing numerous new challenges, pointing to new directions for industrial advances, and opening up new opportunities for exciting research. In this presentation, I will give a quick tour of the status of database systems and then elaborate on some relevant research and technological challenges that could possibly lead to the next breakthroughs in the field.