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Yannis Ioannidis as a panel member at COP 28 (Dubai, UAE)

Yannis Ioannidis took part in a panel discussion at UNFCCC COP28, UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub Pavilion, Blue Zone, Dubai, UAE. He talked about "Climate Data Platforms and Digital Applications".

Panel: "UN SDSN Global Climate Hub: Systemic Pathways to Sustainability, Climate Neutrality, and Resilience"

Session Description: The session presents sustainable pathways covering the energy, land-use and food sector utilizing up-to-date modelling solutions including insights from top experts in the field. A comprehensive approach to harness the synergies across Integrated Assessment Models is at the epicentre of the UN SDSN Global Climate Hub, the workings and output of which will also be discussed the session. The experts will analyze the trade-offs and complementarities underpinning economic and social policies using tangible results from Integrated Assessment Models and engage in fruitful dialogue towards leveraging results from distinct sectors of economic activity to develop science-driven human-centric pathways to sustainability which promote transformative solutions and foster just transitions.