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Data e-Infrastructure Initiative for Fisheries Management and Conservation of Marine Living Resources

iMarine project is an initiative that aims to contribute to sustainable environmental management, with invaluable direct or indirect benefits on areas that range from climate change mitigation and marine biodiversity loss containment to poverty alleviation and disaster risk reduction.

iMarine's primary activities include:

  • Policy Development, by establishing an iMarine Board, formed by representatives of international organisations involved in this domain, to define a sustainability-driven data-centric e-infrastructure governance model and organizational and technological policy recommendations;
  • Infrastructure Provision, by deploying, managing and operating a data infrastructure, for fisheries management and conservation of marine living resources, offering user-level and application-level services that support the recommended policies and provide relevant functionality to the stakeholders;
  • Technology development, by designing, implementing new on extending existing software services to operate on this landscape of infrastructure and usage requirements.

iMarine's project lifetime spans from 1 Nov 2011 up to 30 Apr 2014 (30 months), foreseeing 660 personmonths of effort for the completion of its activity, which partially funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Program's eInfrastructure activity area.

Sixteen (16) organizations are participating in the project as direct or as sub-contractors (CERN CH, CNR IT, CRIA BR, E-IIS IT, ERCIM FR, FAO IT, FIN PH, FORTH GR, IRD FR, NEAFC INT, NKUA GR, SP2000 UK, Terradue IT, Trust-IT UK, UNESCO FR, VLIZ BE), while five (5) more are involved as observers (ICES, EC - Eurostat / DG MARE -, GENESI-DEC, MAAP/DPMA, VLIZ/EMODNET).

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