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Linked Open Earth Observation Data for Precision Farming

A lot of remotely sensed data coming from satellites has become available at no charge in Europe and the US recently, and there is a strong push for more open Earth Observation data. Open Earth Observation data that are currently made available by space agencies (e.g., ESA and NASA) are not following the linked data paradigm. ICT STREP project TELEIOS recently introduced the linked data paradigm to the Earth Observation domain and developed prototype applications (wildfire monitoring and burnt scar mapping, semantic catalogues and rapid mapping) that are based on transforming Earth Observation products into RDF, and combining them with open, linked geospatial data. However, TELEIOS did not consider the whole life cycle of linked open Earth Observation data, and concentrated mainly on developing scalable storage and query processing techniques for such data.
In LEO, the core academic partners of TELEIOS (UoA and CWI) join forces with 2 SMEs and one industrial partner with relevant experience (SA, VISTA and PCA) to develop software tools that support the whole life cycle of reuse of linked open EO data and related linked geospatial data. Finally, to demonstrate the benefits of linked open EO data and its combination with linked geospatial to the European economy, a precision farming application is developed that is heavily based on such data.

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