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Mobility, Data Mining and Privacy

MODAP (Mobility, Data Mining, and Privacy) is a Coordination Action type project funded by EU, FET OPEN, 2009-2012). With GPS enabled devices and other positioning systems, mobility behavior of individuals is captured for online or historical data analysis.

For example, car insurance companies have started to issue policies with respect to the driving behavior which is captured through a GPS device installed under a special agreement. Such applications are enabled by mobility data mining which aims to extract knowledge from mobility data with a lot of opportunities as well as risks. The risks arise from the fact that mobility data is mostly about people, where they have been, at what times, how often, and with whom. Therefore, privacy is a major concern for mobility data which needs to be addressed before the opportunities of mobility data mining can be fully harvested. A recently completed EU project, GeoPKDD (Geographic Privacy-aware Knowledge Discovery and Delivery), was the pioneer in this field. MODAP project, which started as of September 2009 with nearly one million euro funding for three years, aims to continue the efforts of GeoPKDD by coordinating and boosting the research activities in the intersection of mobility, data mining, and privacy. MODAP is a timely project since privacy risks associated with the mobility behavior of people are still unclear, and it is not possible for mobility data mining technology to thrive without sound privacy measures and standards for data collection, and data/knowledge publishing. For that reason, MODAP aims to create a platform for technical as well as non-technical people who are interested in mobility data mining together with privacy issues. The site will be the main platform for all types of community activities and will be functional as of October 15, 2009.

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