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Mύηση στην Ελευσίνα του Χθες με τα μάτια του Σήμερα

myELeusis is a flagship project with a significant role in the promotion of Eleusis. It aims at the promotion of the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore, which is one of the main visitor’s attraction. In this context, the project aims towards the visitor’s initiation in ancient Eleusis and its mysteries (before-during-after the visit) by offering a complete experience through a versatile set of novel digital systems that operate both indoors and outdoors. myELeusis proposes a set of novel interactive approaches for enriching the visit in the archaeological site and the museum of Eleusis which is considered as one of the most important sites.
By combining 3D digitization technologies, virtual and augmented reality, digital storytelling, serious games etc. the current proposal involves the creation of a series of modern interactive applications for enhancing the dissemination attractiveness of the cultural reserve and the experience of visiting the archaeological site. 

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