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Autonomous guided and narrated tour over the sunken city of Epidaurus

The objective of the proposed project is the identification, conservation, documentation and promotion ofthe sunken city of Epidaurus through the use of combined advanced technological practices. It involves ajourney through past and present times, with the use of a floating vessel that will provide an automatedguided tour, addressed to everybody (from now on PERIPLOUS). Through targeted scientific research, theunderwater antiquities of the area will be properly highlighted, while the suggested pioneering technologicalapproach will provide the visitors with a unique cultural experience, through activities which combineentertainment and learning. The PERIPLOUS suggests an automated guided tour with the following features:It is afloat, as it takes place on board a floating vessel with a transparent bottom (from now on e-navigator)where advanced technological practices, pioneering techniques and appliances have been incorporated. It is autonomous, as not only the narration but also the navigation of the floating vessel take place withouthuman intervention. It involves an automotive vessel which follows predetermined routes and stopsmid-sea while providing pre-recorded descriptions and narrations. The e-navigator allows the safeimplementation of automated guiding scenaria, taking into account information from sensors, such as thegeographical detection of the vessel, the direction of the wind, the and location of obstacles with the use ofultra sounds, while regulating the operation of the electrical motor of the vessel, so that it can beimmobilized in certain spots, at particular moments.It is multimedia, as it incorporates different means of presentation, providing various language options. Thevisitor watches the sunken city through the transparent bottom of the vessel and listens to the narrations inhis/her mother tongue. At the same time, a monitor shows the three-dimensional representation of thesunken city, as it was centuries ago, according to what has been registered in the internationalbibliography. It addresses everybody, Greek and foreign visitors of the sunken city of Epidaurus, youngsters and adults,pupils, students, guides, museologists, scholars of archaeological schools etc, as well as People withSpecial Needs, regardless of the time of the year.

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