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Transition to 8

Μεταβαίνοντας από τα κοινωνικά φαινόμενα στη σύγχρονη καλλιτεχνική δημιουργία

"Transition to 8” is an innovative proposition to establish an interactive digital platform that will support recurring music festivals aimed at presenting artistic creations based on digital data consisting of recording of the reactions of the human body to stimuli that arise from collective social issues and phenomena. The goal is to raise awareness among large social groups of pressing social issues such as racism,environmental degradation, homophobia, gender inequality, immigration, unemployment, malnutrition, themigrant crisis etc. “Transition to 8” is intended to be part of the Eleusis 2021 / European Capital of Cultureseries of events. Further along the line it will be part of the events of the European Capitals of Culturenetwork until 2025 (Kaunas 2022, Esch-sur-Alzette 2022,Veszprém 2023, Estonia 2024, Austria 2024,Slovenia 2025). Representatives of different social groups will use sociodrama to articulate their viewpoints, to deliberate, and to offer solutions to crucial contemporary social issues that affect them. Research groups will use the material provided by the sociodrama to attempt to create a receptor that will record the reactions of thetransmitting participants using movement, heartbeats, tonality, speech, and timbre. The data will then beextracted and used to create original audio sounds as well as the creation of visual artwork through digital arts that will link music creation and collected data with a visual method. Renowned and socially aware composers, artists, producers, and DJs will use this material to composemusical ensembles that will be presented in multimedia concerts. These will be held in localities related to the corresponding social issues, such as former industrial units, refugee camps, degraded areas and otherpublic areas. Music will be accompanied by video art and interactive art installations, as well as excerptsfrom the documentation material collected during the sociodrama sessions

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