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Profiling Attitudes for Personalized Information Provision

PAROS is a generic system under design whose goal is to offer personalization, recommendation, and other adaptation services to information providing systems. In its heart lies a rich user model able to capture several diverse aspects of user behavior, interests, preferences, and other attitudes. The user model is instantiated with profiles of users, which are obtained by analyzing and appropriately interpreting potentially arbitrary pieces of user-relevant information coming from diverse sources. These profiles are maintained by the system, updated incrementally as additional data on users becomes available, and used by a variety of information systems to adapt the functionality to the users’ characteristics.

Yannis Ioannidis, Maria Vayanou, Thodoris Georgiou, Katerina Iatropoulou, Manos Karvounis, Akrivi Katifori, Marialena Kyriakidi, Natalia Manola, Alexandros Mouzakidis, Lefteris Stamatogiannakis, Mei Li Triantafyllidi, "Profiling Attitudes for Personalized Information Provision ", IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, Vol. 34(2), pp. 35-40, 2011
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IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, Vol. 34(2), pp. 35-40
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