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Augmenting the Reception of Music through Innovative Solutions & Archives

The “Lilian Voudouri” Music Library was created by the Society of the Friends of Music to work as a repository of information for music and the arts. It offers rich material, books, music sheets, alsophotographs, concert programs, numerous manuscripts, composer archives and personal items of important personalities of the greek music scene. Highlighting this invaluable archival material, enhancing the emotional and mental connections of the visitors with the material and attracting new audience areimportant objectives listed in the strategic planning of the institution for the next period. The proposed project ARIA aspires to be a means to accomplish the aforementioned objectives. It focuses on the research, development and adoption of state of the art technologies and methodologies for the creation of innovative participatory visiting experiences. To this end, the project will develop and evaluate a multi-level pilot application. The theoretical background of this work is based on the research hypothesis that the perception of a music piece by the visitor depends on understanding the context in which it was created. Our approach will combine (i) the interaction of the visitor with the music work through an immersive virtualreality experience (ii) a collaborative experience offered through mobile devices which helps the visitorsbecome acquainted with the life and work of the composer. The experience will be evaluated extensively in the context of the pilot application and the resulting methodological approach and technological tools will become the basis to re-use and promote the collections of other institutions, archives, libraries, culturalinstitutions and collectors.

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