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Ανοιχτή καινοτομία για την τεκμηρίωση και ανάδειξη του πολιτιστικού αποθέματος στην Άρτα

The primary concern and key element of modern cultural institutions is the social aspect of their function. Communicating with the public, mainly through documenting, interpreting, and showcasing the content of collections and archaeological monuments, is today an indisputablepriority. To that extent, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can become an important mean of creating a channel with their respective audience. However, the way ICT is being used areas remains rather old-fashioned with techniques that further highlight techniques themselves, rather than the cultural exhibit itself. In most of thecases it entails the digitization of archaeological and other cultural data, is mostly static and israrely updated. Finally, the linking of available documentation with the promotion of the cultural exhibition is usually at the level of a simple presentation with the use of a web page, completely cutting out elements from the actual exhibits such as the accompanying story, related topics etc. Taking into account the richness of the cultural heritage in Greece, the aim is to create a multidimensional presentation of each exhibit. Containing information about it, as well aselements related to the characteristics of the find site, the potential interests of the visitors, stories and experiences in relation to its political, historical and social dimension over time, as well as game activities will help to better convey its value and history and raise visitors interestin order to find out more about it.With the use of innovative technologies and functionalities we can create empirical experiencesfor visitors, engage them emotionally with cultural evidence and trigger their curiosity. The experience will begin even before the visit where through a virtual museum will helps the visitor to familiarize him/herself with the surrounding environment and history, it will then continue with the visit where will participate in the tour by taking an active role via his/her mobile phone; and even after the visit with a further exploration of the cultural exhibits with the creation of digital and interactive albums. Throughout such an experience, there can be a continuous link of communication with the museum or exhibition area, allowing visitor to get extra information and stories about exhibits that were more interesting to him/her.In this context, the subject of this proposal is to design and develop a sophisticated, web-based technology system with the use of innovative techniques tools and processes that will place create a whole new and interactive experience for the visitor. Specifically, it moves to the following targeting areas:•The adoption of a historical approach to the documentation of the cultural heritage•The interaction before, during and after the visit to archaeological areas and museums.•Final research and development of an innovative technology system that will support this methodology and provide (i) to archaeologists, museologists and researchers of Culture, tools and services for the advanced documentation and viewing of excavated data, archaeological remains and exhibits; and (ii) visitors of archaeological sites and museums the opportunity to acquire an enhanced and interactive "cultural experience"

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